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The Gentlemans Guide To Effortless Seduction + Bonuses

“How To Generate Incredible Levels Of Sexual Tension…."

“How To Generate Incredible Levels Of Sexual Tension…."

For men everywhere who desire to be with the woman of their dreams... but haven't quite figured out the "secrets" to the complicated woman's heart...

Tell me if you've experienced any of these completely frustrating problems:

  • Have you ever been unable to approach that girl you like because you have been so nervous?
  • Never knowing what to say next.
  • No idea of how to create sexual attraction
  • Maybe you get into conversations with girls, but they just never seem to lead anywhere, even though you feel some sort of chemistry.
  • Unable to get women excited and chasing you.
  • Feel like you are not good enough or worthy of the most beautiful women
  • Being overly nice and accommodating hoping that she will choose to sleep with you
  • Feeling lonely/depressed, and unfulfilled as a man?


How sick and tired are YOU of going about your daily life, and watching every beautiful woman walk past, disappearing from your life forever, UNABLE to take action and approach her?

It is a problem that the majority of men in this world suffer from, with the rare men who DO take action, reaping all the benefits, and entering a world of sexual abundance.

So, for us men who get all the rewards, we thank you.

Many guys sit and home and never even try to better their life with women, so the fact YOU have reached this page, I applaud you. Well done for taking the first step.

You're about to discover the quickest, easiest way GUARANTEED to help you

From: Chris


Man to man, let me be blunt.

When you lack the confidence to approach and succeed with beautiful women life isn't everything it could be.

Maybe you know what I'm talking about.

Maybe you know what it's like to freeze up when you think of starting a chat with a girl who catches your eye at the bar.

Or fumbling your way awkwardly through pointless small talk … not sure what to say next and clearly getting nowhere.

Or shyly asking for her number only to hear, “Oh, sorry. I've got a boyfriend." (Yeah, right, she does.)

If confidence issues are keeping you from the life you want I've got good news …

It's not your fault. And there is a solution.

The fact is …

Most guys lack confidence.

Sure, there's a small percentage of lucky guys out there who were born with the swagger of a lion, but they're the extreme minority.

No, most guys – “Regular Joes" like you and me – just aren't naturally all that confident.

So why is it then that every time you go out you see a guy with average looks … bummy clothes … built more like a water boy than a quarterback … with a drop dead gorgeous girl on his arm?

Is he rich? I doubt it.

Does he drive an expensive car? I'd guess he rolls in a Ford, not a Ferrari.

What's his secret?

He learned to be confident.

See, when it comes to what attracts a woman to a man confidence trumps money, looks, fancy clothes, and what you do for a living every single time.

When you carry yourself with real confidence you'll be amazed at how easily you start attracting beautiful women.

Imagine …

Wherever you go women checking you out!

They cast glances your way … start up conversations with you … ask for your number.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not!

But what if I told you that there are simple techniques that will help you:

  • IMAGINE being able to approach an incredibly sexy girl strutting down the street in high heels, DURING THE DAY, and having the knowledge and understanding, to get HER SO TURNED ON, that you are both having sex together 20 minutes later!! You will read my seduction reports in extreme detail documenting all the principles and understanding I used to achieve this.
  • IMAGINE NEVER being stuck for what to say next EVER AGAIN
  • IMAGINE the woman who YOU approached, feeling the need to put in ALL the work, investment, and conversation, CHASING YOU!
  • IMAGINE being completely comfortable in your own skin…relaxed…calm…and comfortable.
  • IMAGINE NEVER having to think about getting good with women again, having the skills to go out, and consistently attract the women that YOU desire in an honest, direct, bold, and charismatic way….

If You Want to Meet Women Easily, Overcome Hesitation in Social Situations, and Be the Guy Every Girl Wants to Date... Then You Need “Gentlemen's Guide To Effortless Seduction"

Look, I know it might seem difficult to believe that you can approach women confidently and skyrocket your dating life... particularly if you've been the one in the corner watching the other guys get all the attractive girls...

I have went from the shy, awkward, insecure boy, to the strong, seductive and sexually magnetizing man, who knows how to give women what they truly desire...and here's the secret...ITS EFFORTLESS
On my journey, I have made every single mistake you could think of. I have experienced the most humiliating, and embarrassing of rejections, which got me FINALLY to a place of consistent natural, and EFFORTLESS success with women.

I have also meditated for the last 10 years, allowing me to create little effective tips and exercises which I use daily during my interactions and seductions with women, to really super charge and amp up the seductive presence, which I share in the book.

We are animals, just with a logical brain, and as humans we have been courting, seducing, and reproducing for thousands and thousands of years... before any dating material came along. Thanks to society, it has confused men as to what role they take, and after watching rom com after rom com, men assume the best guy to be is the one suffering from Hugh Grant syndrome.

You see, as men, we already have the natural ability to trigger instant attraction within the female. If not, the world would perish pretty quickly. The PROBLEM that YOU have, is you are getting in YOUR OWN WAY. Doing TOO MUCH!

That's right, I said it. Do LESS. It is a seductive principle, which I will guide you through STEP by STEP.

Dating companies and instructors teach men structures and openers etc, which simply states that you are not enough, and every time you practice their new pick up technique or opener, you are reinforcing this within the mind, and body, breaking down your own self esteem like a sniper. THIS is why I have so many clients, because of material out there, creating problems, where there was none before.

What's Waiting Inside For YOU When You Crack Into "Gentlemen's Guide To Seduction" Today!

mockup (1)After Learning from years of mistakes, hundreds of rejections and harsh blowouts...

I took all of this information, stripped back the fundamentals of what it means to be highly effective with women and deliver it in a simple and straight forward manner, and I carefully explain it all in my newest book - “The Gentlemens Guide To Effortless Seduction"

Inside, I will reveal to you:

  • The BIGGEST difference between a man who women love and crave to be around, and a man who is unattractive and clueless with women. (It is not only the most IMPORTANT factor, but also the area completely overlooked by the entire PUA community.) - pg. 9
  • A complete in-depth overview of what it looks like to be the completed man who moves through like with supreme, unwavering seductive confidence, turning women on effortlessly. - pg. 13
  • It took me many years “in the trenches" to figure out the effortless seduction techniques and principles that i share with you in this book. Understanding these basic communication skills I teach, will allow you to attract women anywhere, at anytime, without having to do anything, or say any stupid lines. Completely natural, effortless, and devastatingly sexy to women.
  • Did you know that the single most dangerous mistake men make when trying to attract a woman is also the most common? It also takes a lot of effort to do, and you are still doing it. I'll show you how to simply and easily eliminate this disastrous mistake - pg. 33
  • I dissect, breakdown, and re-wire your untrue belief systems you have around women which is a huge factor stopping you from waking up next to the beautiful women you desire, every morning. After reading how I live my life and how I choose my rock solid reality, you will know exactly how to do so also!- pg. 21
  • The true secret of body language that nobody teaches or truly understands. How to generate intensely sexual and attractive presence that captivates women- pg. 29
  • Why approach anxiety exists, and how to completely set yourself free through a brand new mindset shift. The perfect mindset for seduction - pg. 20
  • Removing all pressure off of yourself on this journey so you reap all the benefits, and have fun on your sexual seductive growth. It supposed to be FUN- pg. 22
  • Becoming friends with your ego, understanding how it ACTUALLY works, and re-moulding it to fast-track your progress. Instead of seeing it as your enemy. When you learn to use it to your advantage you will be unstoppable- pg. 23
  • The positive life changing power of rejection, and how to start seeing it as the greatest gift you can receive. Seeing it for what it truly is. - pg. 24
  • If you don't know the correct way to use eye contact effectively, you are most certainly doing it wrong. I will teach you the correct ways to induce insane levels of attraction in a woman with a simple glance, showing you just how little you must do in order to reach a sexual interaction.- pg. 29
  • Understanding and generating SUPREME levels of confidence and self acceptance when it comes to every aspect of dating and seduction -pg. 27
  • I will show you EXACTLY what you, and 99% of other men are doing wrong ALL of the time, ruining any chance of sexual attraction, getting in your own way. In this book i show you how to stop this, and how to replace this behaviour with incredibly seductive behaviour...EFFORTLESSLY. You will be amazed just how easy it is to turn her on - pg. 30
  • What it means to be a sexy man, and how to project this - pg. 28
  • I will show you how to generate INSANE levels of sexual tension, resulting in women getting incredibly wet and aroused, even if you are talking about something completely innocent, like the weather- pg. 45
  • The most effect and effortless way to approach any woman, anywhere, at anytime. With no need to overthink of silly openers or routines. Stress free and natural - 35
  • Developing a strong masculine presence that remains calm and non-reactive in all situations - pg. 37
  • I will teach you how to become aware of women's most subtle attraction signals, before you even speak with her. Identifying when she wants you to approach her. It is one of the biggest problems men have...they are clueless - pg. 38
  • A woman will only give herself sexually to you if she is fully comfortable with you and not weirded out. I will teach you the true comfort concept which i use before and during every approach. It allows women to be at ease in your presence and give in to their natural instinctual desires- pg. 40
  • I will teach you in-depth understanding of the feminine emotion, what she craves and desires from you as a man. Once you can give a woman what she is craving from you, she will never want to be without you, and you will be surrounded by many appreciative women. There is a reason 90 percent of my friends are women- pg. 57
  • I share with you intensely graphic and detailed seduction reports, which document the whole process from approach to sex, showing you how I effortlessly apply the principles i teach you in this book. You will see it all put together - pg. 45/52/69
  • …and MUCH, much more.

How is “Gentlemen's Guide To Effortless Seduction" Different than Anything Else You've Ever Tried?

  • No matter what dating advice you've followed before... or how many times you've “struck out" when flirting with women... this training provides techniques that you can use to almost instantly transform your dating life. It's not just for the football captains, or wealthy CEOs, or floppy-haired singer/songwriters. “Gentlemen's Guide To Seduction" was designed for YOU!
  • It isn't about manipulating girls with flimsy pick-up lines or other ridiculous techniques. You'll learn the proven skills for authentically connecting and seducing women... even if you've never successfully dated before!
  • You'll get TONS of real-world examples, not just a bunch of theories. At the end of the training, you'll understand exactly how to seduce women in every single situation.
  • You'll get the TOTAL PACKAGE! Many men don't understand that body language and timing are just as important as saying the right things. When you understand every aspect of seduction, meeting women and getting dates can be easier than you'd ever imagined!

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To The Loneliness Forever? These People Did!

"This book had me intrigued from start to finish , i believe this book should be in the hands of any man looking to transform his life from having no experience with women what so ever weather it be talking to women , sexual contact , understanding a womens feelings , basically everything in a nutshell , this book has it all , i could not wait to read page after page , after reading this book i felt confident , i felt fully equipped in being able to walk up to a strong beautiful woman and not feel fear in talking to her , and the best thing about this book is it comes from a place of love and deep understanding of a womans emotions and feelings , not from a place of manipulation. This book will stay with me forever, it has everything i need and so much more, it has changed the way i look at women , the way i feel about a women and the way i talk to women."

Shaun K
San Diego, CA


I have been involved in self help and the pick up community for close to 8 years and have seen every technique come and go, in and out of fashion. All with a lot of study and work, in orer to get quite limited results.

What Chris teaches in this book is a completely different side of what it truly means to be a ladies man...NOT a creepy pick-up artist. I originally bought his book after a friend took a 5 day bootcamp with him at his place in the Canary Islands. The transformation I saw was nuts, and he was basically pulling women consistently, without looking like he was even trying to do anything.

This book teaches the most powerful thing when it comes to any of us getting the results we want...understanding and step by step exercises/lessons on what is destroying your game, and how to correct it.

What i love about this book is how simple it really is. Chris strips it right back, to the point that after reading it, my only job was to show up in an interaction and apply the powerful principles from the book.

If you want to be a struggling and gamey pick-up artist for the rest of your life, avoid this book. BUT if you want to really understand what it takes to become the man that all women adore being around, and becoming a constantly seductive man....you should get it NOW!!! It has completely changed my behaviour and results with girls.

Now its easier and much more effective!! Do yourself a favour and read it!"

Alan P,

Montreal, Canada

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See What Other People Have To Say

"It's quite rare that I come across a seducer in the truest sense of the word. A seducer is a man who not only aims to seduce women, but who aims to really seduce the world in which he lives, as if a challenge to inspire beauty in others. Chris is that man. His book is by far one of the best reads I've come across on the subject of seduction in my many years in the industry. The book is a revelation that transcends the surface-level nonsense churned out tirelessly by a saturated seduction community and instead, dives deeper into what it means to be attractive from your core. I have no choice but to recommend Chris to anyone who is on the path to understanding the feminine. Don't waste your time on surface nonsense, become greater than you ever thought possible, Chris is your man."

- Patrick Armen, Founder, Centered Man Project


Its simple! Easy. Thats what i hae learned from reading this book. Seducing women and getting girls has always been so overcomplicated. This has been a life long journey for me that has never been easy. After reading this book, a few times, something happened, almost like a shift in my beliefs, which was needed. Chris has an ability to say the same thing in 500 different ways, so it literally seeps into your brain while you read. You can tell really quickly that he knows exactly what he is talking about.

I never understood sexual tension, polarization or the basis of instinctual seduction, which he breaks down so precisely that i was able to utilize and apply it in my interactions immediately. Seeing the instant effect i was having on girls was crazy for me.

I continue to read the book anytime i feel myself unfocused, and it pulls me right back.
There is so much in it, that i do not want to do it any injustice by trying to break it all down. Just read it.
Basically, after reading this...you do not need to read anything else. Everything you need to be a boss in your life(not just with women) is in this book.

Chris's personality shines through, as does his rock solid belief system, reality and way of conducting himself. Its also really beneficial to read the seductions he documents.
Thanks for the book Chris. Your shared information has granted me a new found inner freedom. No more pressure, and no more trying to prove myself to everyone!"

Adam O' C

London, UK

Your Instructor

Chris Bale
Chris Bale

Chris Bale is the Founder and Head Coach at Masculine Intent. His purpose is bringing realness to 21st century masculinity and sexuality, by cutting through the social conditioning, and how it has caused a profound disconnect in men from their masculine energy and purpose. We are a species of man-boys. Masculinity has become strangled.

'Many men are sitting in huge amounts of fear, pain, and confusion around their own sexuality. This has a devastating effect on not only the man, but also on the women he chooses to engage with.

Chris has years of experience in many modalities of self development. He specialises in seduction/dating, lifestyle design, sexual polarity, meditation/spirituality, and also works as a Tantric energy-work practitioner, for both men AND women - reconnecting you to your sexual power and internal confidence on an intense foundational level, which is the most important; "otherwise you are simply polishing a turd".

Chris does not beat around the bush with anything in life, bringing his own brand of raw and loving honesty to his clients. He says "you are not bad with women, you are bad with yourself". He has given his time, guidance, and solid support to hundreds of men, and also women. He works passionately with his students to open them up to the reality they have always dreamed of.

There are few men who move with presence, awareness, decisiveness, self-trust, and their innate sexual charisma in check. Rooted in honesty, rather than manipulation.

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